World Leading Powder Coating Services

Featuring the latest European technology, our custom built Vertical Powdercoat Facility uses an advanced Cube system to give our customers the leading edge in architectural finishing of aluminium extrusion.

The many competitive advantages include footprint utilisation, gun accuracy, superior section coverage, highly efficient loading and unloading, and capability to run over 4,000m2 per shift with multiple colour changes.

Intelligent operating system

Able to deal directly with clients and remove the manual process mistakes in traditional operations.

Improved gun technology

Delivers uniform coat thickness along the profile through enhanced powder transfer efficiency, creating a perfect visual appearance each time.

Chrome-free pre-treatment

Reduces effluent to produce a cleaner, more environmentally sensitive product.

Lead times

Shorter turnaround times than traditional methods as we drive efficient planning and visibility.

Dedicated transport

Takes the hassle out of pick up and drop off.

Rigorous testing protocols

Strict quality control measures in place across the plant creates peace of mind and evidence to support the world class finish.

Smarter, cleaner,
efficient, friendly.

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